What is the cost associated with the program?

Students do not pay a fee to participate in Junior Leadership Durham. Donations support the program and are welcome from parents, local businesses, foundations, and alumni.


Are lunches provided at the monthly sessions?

Yes, students receive a light breakfast (juice, muffins, etc.) and sandwich boxes or pizza for lunch.


Where are the sessions held each month?

Locations vary, but they are generally held at a business or agency in Durham County. Parents/Guardians provide transportation to and from the session locations. The Government Session alternates between the Durham City and Durham County Governments.


What time do the monthly sessions begin and end?

Some sessions are on Saturdays and others are during the week with most sessions starting at 8:00am and ending at 2:45pm. Hours vary for the Saturday sessions. Attendance at the Orientation Session is mandatory for participation in Junior Leadership Durham. Students will miss school for weekday sessions and attendance slips are provided for students to give their teachers and counselors.


How many students are accepted into the program?

The maximum class size is 30 students each year.


How can students stay involved upon graduation from the program?

As Alumni, graduates are welcome and invited to:

Serve on the Board of Directors of JLD in their junior/senior years
Present testimonials at the initial Parent/Student Orientation
Participate as a panelist during the Alumni Networking Session
Assist in welcoming the new class at Orientation.

What are examples of service-learning projects that students participate in?

JLD partners with local nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity, Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, North Carolina Bluebird Society, and Ronald McDonald House to complete projects such as collecting canned food or installing bluebird boxes. Each year, students volunteer to take pledges during the UNC-TV telethon.